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1920: Death certificate for Frederick Debow Fulkerson

Frederick Debow Fulkerson died on Sept. 6, 1920, in Washington Township, Buchanan County, Missouri. He was 57.

According to his death certificate, Frederick was born on June 8, 1863, in Lafayette County, Missouri, to Frederick D. Fulkerson, born in Jonesville, Virginia, and Waity Dunn, born in Lenox, Massachusetts.

A lawyer, Frederick was married to Mildred C. Fulkerson. He had lived in rural Buchanan County near St. Joseph for more than 9 years.

Frederick’s cause of death was obstruction of the bowels. An autopsy revealed lesions. Frederick was buried on Sept. 8, 1920, in Higginsville, Missouri.


Source: Missouri Office of the Secretary of State

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