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1936: Death certificate for Lowell Bond Fulkerson

Lowell Bond Fulkerson died May 24, 1936, in Grundy County, Missouri. He was 18.

According to the death certificate, Lowell Bond (who was called by his first and middle name by family) was born on Oct. 5, 1917, to Clarence Fulkerson and Bessie Hoskins, both born in Grundy County.

The cause of death was acute appendicitis complicated by paralytic ileus — a condition where the bowel is impaired. Lowell Bond had an appendectomy on May 19, 1936.

According to family stories, a doctor operated on Lowell Bond on the kitchen table after his appendix burst, and he died. Those events seem to be separated by a few days. The family lived in rural Grundy County. The place of death is listed as Trenton, Missouri (which is in Grundy County), but is not listed as a hospital or doctor’s office.

Lowell Bond was buried was on May 26, 1936, at Edinburg IOOF Cemetery in Edinburg, Missouri.


Source: Missouri Office of the Secretary of State

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